Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Silent Tear - Ammal Mathew

This is a poem that Ammalkochamma wrote when Appachan passed away...


I shed a silent tear
For my dear Achayan
He was a great man,
Loved by many

Many thoughts flood the mind
As his body lies cold,
Beautiful memories too
To be treasured for ever

My heart feels heavy,
At the thought of not being there
To kiss him good bye
With others who are lucky

He is watching from heaven above
As I whisper this small prayer,
And shed a silent tear
"May you rest in peace dear, dear father"

You have completed your race
With full faith and trust
Great you actually were, bright you will be
Like a new star in the sky


Lisa said...


This is a lovely poem. I never knew you could write!

Pravin said...

After reading this, I can imagine how you felt at that time.

Any poems about Jaju Appapen ;-)

Lisa said...

I'm sure there is atleast one ;-)

Ruby Mathew said...

Good. Keep it up. It is nice to have a poet in our family.

ammal said...

thats a good idea Pravin.peom about your Appappan.OK Let me think about it.Dont scold me later on