Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Memoirs of a Grandchild – Kavitha John

Or so I’d like to summarize these few lines I’ve penned down about a couple of moments shared with my grandparents in a time long gone by although I’m afraid that this doesn’t quite qualify for such a title ;-)

Being the thirteenth in a long line of grandchildren and pretty much one amongst the last, I truly can’t comment on the personalities that were Appachen and Ammachy. In fact a thought that has often troubled me is that while they were alive, I took Appachen and Ammachy for granted. To this day I regret that I never really got to know them. Then again I have reasoned and found consolation in that I was merely a kid who hardly understood the dynamics of the world or life as such!

Of the few images I have stashed away in the far recesses of my mind, there are two that I particularly remember. One is of Ammachy sitting on the stairs looking out of the open front door, watching while I dash into the house after spending another torturous day at the playschool (I guess I take after my father in that one).

The other is Appachen walking purposefully towards Kalathipady, swinging his walking stick and looking straight ahead with his head held high. Quite the picture of a very confident man I must say. A word about this walking stick if I may; it served as my make believe mike whenever I took off on my flights of fantasy, entertaining a nonexistent audience!

There are other memories, more of Appachen than of Ammachy, which are flashes from the past. These however, are the two that pop up most often when I remember Appachen and Ammachy.


Pravin said...

So you did it finally. Good stuff, cousin John. I completely forgot Appachan's walk till I read this...

Lisa said...

You remind me of VinuA - such few words and yet I am left very clearly with the image of Ammachi's silent watchfulness which is her trademark and Appachan confidently striding down the road which is his trademark. How do you do it? Awesome!