Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Grandfather - Deepu Mathew

As I am the eldest son of the youngest son of my grandparents, I only have some vague memories of them. They both passed away when I was studying in 6th standard. But in that short span I have memorable events.

Like most grandparents, my grandparents were also loving and caring. Most of my memories are about my grandfather. As he was the Scoutmaster of his school, he used to sing to me lots of scout songs. As a kid, I loved it and I used to listen to it with curiosity as he performed actions for each song. I know he didn’t get angry that easily because I used to do all kinds of mischief as a kid and he used to say nothing bad to me about it.

Another thing I noticed about him is that after 3pm, he would always have some visitors and they would all sit on the veranda and chitchat. From my parents I came to know that he loved to talk with people and would always help others in their time of need.

The advantage I have is when anyone asks me “nee evuduthe ana koche” (whose family do you belong to), I only have to say that I am the grandson of Mr. C.V Mathew (Matiyas Sir )and even now, people know of him and from their face and their words, I can see the respect for my grandfather.


Kavita said...

Deepu...I woulda thought you really wouldn't remember much abt appachen...but u do..n thats nice!!:)

Pravin said...

Kottayam pazhe kottayam allengilum, Deepu pazhe Deepu aanu ;-)

Lisa said...

Deepu, The pride and respect you feel came across very clearly in your writing - well done :-)